A zipper is a commonly used device to join two edges of fabric. A pull tab is attached to the slider. When the pull tab is drawn up or down, the slider opens the teeth of the zipper either close or open, respectively.

A zipper pull is typically attached to the pull tab.

Here are seven ways you can use a zipper pull:

1. Replace a broken zipper pull. A missing or broken pull tab can make a zipper very hard to open and close. Zipper pulls are a simple way to make the zipper usable again. They attach with a simple clip.

2. Assist with hard-to-reach zippers. Zippers that have very small tabs or that are in hard-to-reach places, like an inside pocket, can be made more accessible with the addition of a zipper pull.

3. Make a great gift. Since zipper pulls can be personalized to a person’s taste, they make a useful and thoughtful gift – that little something extra to give any gift a personal touch.

4. Handy aid for arthritic fingers. Anyone that has trouble handling small objects, for example people with hand injuries or severe arthritis, will have trouble grasping the tab on a zipper to pull it open or close. By adding a zipper pull, the “handle” on the zipper is now larger and easier to grab. This is a good aid for small children too.

5. Personalize anything with them. Zipper pulls can be attached to anything that has a zipper or a ring, so you can personalize your jacket, pocket book, luggage, purse, duffle bag, shoes….just think of the possibilities!

6. Easy way to identify your stuff. With a quick clip, you have a handy identifier so you can spot your stuff anywhere. This is particularly handy for travel….how many identical black rolling suitcases can there be on one airport luggage carousel?

7. They’re fun! Let’s not forget the most important reason…zipper pulls can be used by anybody, anywhere!

Got any other ideas for how to use zipper pulls? Please share them with us!